Hot Springs Books
      Searching out that hidden hot spring may require a little research. Years ago Jayson Loam led me to many soaks with his essential hot spring guides. But I also took quite a few dry dusty trips without wet reward. Marjorie Young's revised and expanded editions add a lot more springs and also have gotten the details right like never before -- definately a must-have for any hot springs enthusiast.

   George Williams III's great hot spring guides are a indispensable for Californians. And he's got a new book on Nevada.

   Another favorite is Hiking Hot Springs in the Pacific Northwest by Evie Litton.

    The U.S. Geological Survey should still have available the original Waring report (Professional Paper 492) - which we hope eventually to make available here online.

    For the non-geographically challenged, there's this Guide to Japanese Hot Springs and recently out, Hot Springs of New Zealand, by Sally Jackson.